• Community Service Volunteer 

  1. Designed to get you community service hours either for school, court order etc.  This is for temporary assignments with at will hours.

  2. Primary duties will include: Cleaning, Yard Work, Taking Out Trash, Exhibit maintenance and repair such as painting, etc. 

  3. HOSC Staff Members will simply sign off on hours worked.

  4. This experience should not be used on a resume and HOSC staff cannot provide employment references.  

  • Docent Volunteer

  1. This program is for individuals looking to gain real work experience, students interested in a career in the sciences, retirees interested in scheduled regular volunteering opportunities, and individuals willing to work a set regular schedule (minimum of one 4-hour shift per week.) 

  2. You will be Interacting with guests, providing programming, working the front desk, and designing and constructing exhibits, Cleaning, etc. in the absence of a community service volunteer.  When operationally feasible efforts will be made to focus your activities on your particular areas on interest.  

  3. You will gain real work experience

  4. If you have proven to be a valuable member of the team, you are encouraged to use this experience on your resume and HOSC Staff will provide work references.  

  • Advisory Volunteer​​ 

  1. This program is designed for those individuals who are current or retired professionals who provide irregular volunteer hours.

  2. You will serve on committees, special projects with guidance of Executive Director and/or Board of Directors.

  3. You will gain opportunities to use your experience by giving back to the community.

  • Internships

  1. Contact hoscexec@lighttube.net

Paid Positions

  1. There are currently no positions available. 



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