​HOSC Education Programs

These programs are included with field trips of over 15 students*, and are available at an additional fee for any group or birthday party. 

Arcs and Sparks:

This sparktacular show will give your students an electrifying experience that will literally make their hair stand on end. Demonstrations will enable students to learn the shocking truth about the relationship of electricity and magnetism and their impact on matter.

Cool Science:

Are you ready to chill? If you are interested in the “coolest” science for your students, then this is a must see program. Liquid nitrogen is used do some chilly science experiments to learn about the states of matter and how matter changes from one state to another. We will use liquid nitrogen to inflate and shrink a balloon, blow the lids off various containers, shatter pennies, and much more.

Cosmic Voyages:

To infinity and beyond! Students will set out on an adventure to discover the wonders of the universe. We will begin the journey on Earth and fly by the sun and other planets before leaving our solar system to learn more about the vast depths of space. Along the way students will also learn about the history and future of space travel as well as have the opportunity to touch a real space tile as it heated.

Dinosaurs Unearthed:

Are your students curious about the puzzles of paleontology? Join us on a quest to unearth the mysteries of the dinosaurs. What did they look like? What did they eat? How did they live? How were they similar to animals living today? Together we will learn the answers to these questions and many more by experiencing the methods paleontologists use to gather, document, and interpret dinosaur fossils. 

Cold Blooded Encounters:

Insects and Reptiles, oh my! Introduce your students to the world of ecology with an up-close encounter with the animals of the HOSC. Students will learn about the adaptations, behaviors, classification, and habitats of our resident animals.


Discovery Dome (75 dollars extra): Explore the galaxies and cosmos with our AEDC STEM Discovery Dome! The dome can hold up to 35 students and their teacher. Get the full planetarium experience by learning about dinosaurs and their extinction, the discovery of the refracting telescope and investigate the rings of Saturn!

Facts of Light:

See a rainbow indoors as you learn about light and the electromagnetic spectrum. A demonstration to show how lasers work and how they are useful in conjunction with fiber optics to revolutionize communications, medicine, and many other fields.

Good Vibrations:

Discover the science of sound by exploring all the various ways in which it can be created. Students will make music with various types of instruments to experiment with sound waves, pitch, and volume.

Science Extravaganza:

Experience this entertaining showcase of the most popular demonstrations from our programs, as well as some that are unique only to this one. Test the pH of various household products using cabbage juice, demonstrate the Bernoulli Effect by blowing toilet paper into the audience, become a human gyroscope.


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