Science Activities!

For our Premium Birthday Parties and our Premium Field Trips, we offer Science Based Activities for children of all ages. From Slime making, to Straw Rockets. There's something for everybody to enjoy here at the Hands-On Science Center!

Cockroach Races -

YUK?!?! Maybe, but the kids love it! Get hands on with our Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches here at the Science Center! In this activity learn all about our little invertebrates and race them to the finish line. We'll even hold tournaments to see who's cockroach reins supreme!

Slime Making -

If you're looking for something both messy and exciting, look no further than Slime Making! Students of all ages come to love creating their own goopey, squishy slime. Students will also get to take slime home as a treat. How neat!

Egg Drop Contest -

Have students team up and build their own devices in order to protect an egg while dropping it! It might seem simple, but it it requires critical thinking that helps kids to really stop and thing. Once the kids are finished, we'll hold an egg drop contest to see who's egg comes back from the fall!

Marshmallow Tower Building Contest -

Have your students stack and build a ginormous marshmallow tower! Using a variety of different materials, students will work together to build a tower to see who can make the largest tower above all the rest. Both a fun, and delicious activity for your students!

Straw Rockets -

Ever wonder what it's like to build your own rocket and shoot it off? Well now you can! Our Straw Rockets are perfect for anybody with the desire to create and fly their very own space crafts into the air. Once students make their rockets and shoot them off, they can take them home as well!


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