High Altitude Weather Balloon Launch

 Our campers at STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Summer Camp had the opportunity to launch a high altitude weather balloon on June 9th, 2018 sponsored by the Arnold Air Force Base STEM Program. Hands-On Science Center's mascot, Tully the Plush Groundhog, went 102,000 ft (about 20 miles) into the Stratosphere. The launch was conducted by University of Tennessee Space Institute Masters in Engineering Science graduate Younes Baalla. The high altitude weather balloon launch was intended to educate the campers on atmospheric conditions that occurs in the Troposphere and Stratosphere. The payload module contained an atmospheric sounding system, a GPS and a camera to trek and capture photos of the balloon through different layers of the atmosphere. The sensor packaging measured temperature, time, altitude and pressure. The GPS Tracker was used to measure trajectory of the balloon which landed in Bradyville, TN. 

‚ÄčTully, the Hands-On Science Center's mascot the plush groundhog, up in the Stratosphere at 102,000 ft. 

University of Tennessee Space Institute Masters Graduate Younes Baalla conducting the Weather Balloon Launch sponsored by Air Force STEM. Summer camps place different components onto the payload module with Olga Oakley AEDC Air Force STEM Director at the Hands- On Science Center.

Trajectory Map. Balloon was launched from Tullahoma, TN and reached maximum, burst altitude about 31 km (102,000 ft) above sea level. The ground distance the balloon traveled in total was 200 km, and the time traveled was 2.5 hrs. 

Altitude (feet) vs Time (hr)

 Temperature, Pressure, Altitude & Velocity vs Time (hr)


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